That’s why we actually were on the Moon

In 2019, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the man’s flight to the Moon. But there are people who believe that we have never been there. They believe that all of this is filmed in the studio. Why so? Let’s see.

Often, skeptics point out that the US flag set by the Apollo 11 astronauts is moving by itself, as if the flag was fluttering in the wind. Well, it has a simple explanation from the physics point of view: In addition to the flagpole, the flag has had a special folding horizontal bar; and when the astronauts deployed this design, they naturally caused fluctuations of the flag fabric, which, in the absence of air resistance, decay much longer.

In some photos from the Moon we can see some kind of light spots, as if from the studio lights. How can this be explained? Many famous lunar photos have had an increased contrast specially for “glossy picture” in media. If we look at the original snapshot (upper left picture), it will be much more evenly lighted.

Since the force of attraction on the Moon is six times less than on Earth, some argue that astronaut jumps should be noticeably higher than what we actually see in the videos. Well, first of all, the astronauts had wear heavy spacesuits and a life support system, which reduces the possible height of the jump. Secondly, the optimal height of the jumps for movement was determined by the astronauts of Apollo 11. At higher jumps, it was easy to lose balance, fall, and damage the spacesuit.

Some skeptics believe that manned flight to the Moon is impossible because of the destructive radiation in the Van Allen belts, that must be overcome on the way to the Moon. These radiation belts were discovered in 1958, even before declaration of the plans to go to the Moon. So, of course, this information was take at account during planning of lunar missions. During the span of the Van Allen belts, the crew was in the Command Module with sufficient covering thickness (which is not surprising, because CM was used to return to Earth). In addition, the passage of the belts occurred as quickly as possible and away from the zone of the most intense radiation.

Are these arguments still not satisfying skeptics? Okay, let’s just try to think logically.

The Apollo project involved hundreds thousands of people all across the country: They constructed components of the spacecraft, assembled a Saturn V rocket, wrote programs for the on-board computers, provided a quick solution to issues during the flight, etc. Thousands of people watched launches of the Saturn V rockets right at the Kennedy Space Center. It was not the only launch, but thirteen! And each launch was cost $1,19 billion in today’s prices! If the landing on the Moon was filmed in the studio, why was it necessary to spend such budgets on fake launches? Maybe it would be simpler to launch two or three rockets in a public and then show the “Hollywood film”?

I think even non-believers recognize that with this level of project elaboration initially there weren’t plans not to go to the Moon. But non believer may say that plans have been changed subsequently, for example, after an unsuccessful attempt to landing on the Moon. Suppose that’s is. But why was faked not a couple but a six landings to the Moon? Why was created so many photographs and video materials, with a huge risk to reveal the deception? All these thousands hours of audio conversations with the astronauts were recorded in the studios to mislead the sceptics? Is it still not sounds too strange?

In case of fake lunar landings the evidence and arguments in favor of reality of these events would be much less than the arguments against. However, we see the opposite.