Blue Origin steps more closer to manned space flights

The ninth test launch of the New Shepard  launch system completed successfully.

In the Blue Origin is a very responsible approach to safety in space: previously was tested that the launch escape system works properly and that the capsule landing done well when one of the parachutes fails. This time the launch escape system was tested in a scenario of activation after the booster separation.

This is the second time when the capsule carries as a payload NASA SFEM-2 equipment for measuring of acceleration, temperature, pressures, humidity and acoustic vibrations.

Complex organics were found on Enceladus, Saturn’s satellite

Flying past the geysers of Enceladus, Cassini orbiter previously recorded just a small amount of organic matter. However, this time were discovered some large molecules with a mass of 200 units. This indicates complex chemical processes that occur in the ocean under the ice of Enceladus.

This discovery indicates the possible presence in the ocean of Enceladus the simplest forms of life, such as microbes.

White spots on the Ceres are just alkaline compound

NASA Dawn mission recently revealed that the white spots on the Ceres are not an ice, these are usual alkaline compound, sodium carbonate. This was clarified when Dawn descended into the orbit of about 22 miles above the Ceres, so he got the opportunity to take HD photos of the surface.

In addition to sodium carbonate, complex organic substances were also found on the surface of this dwarf planet.

Astronomers discovered possible evidence of extraterrestrial civilization

KIC 8462852 is an F-type star with an unusual light oscillations discovered by  the Planet Hunters project. This is the only known star with small, frequent, non-periodic dips in brightness.

These observations could not be explained by intrinsic variability of the star itself, they point to many objects of small mass that orbiting the star. One of possible explanations is that these objects could be parts of a megastructure made by an extraterrestrial civilization. However, this also can be explained by the planetary or comet debris around the star.